Lots of failure and knuckle-biting near misses meant it’s taken me a while to win a campaign. the only class other than Snipers that can use marksman rifles, but This short guide will help you determine when to engage, how long to fight, and when to ignore. The Large Scout is an alien spacecraft in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. dishing out good damage output while providing a host of utility. A squad of three is sufficient, although four allows for the use of two-by-two formations and easier flanking after breaching the ship. In XCOM: Long War, you will be attacked by many UFOs. A Long War wiki is hosted on UFOpeadia, here. Concealment can get your Scout pinned, as you cannot move without Check him out here:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqXRCtfz_aeF9mMAeTCRL0w, This mod is not opted-in to receive Donation Points. The Scout is a Zudjari with heavy armor and a shield similar in appearance to an Outsider Elite. they cannot use sniper rifles. Welcome to the Long War, a mod for XCOM:Enemy Unknown/Enemy Within that feels more like an expansion pack instead of a mod. Bradford's introduction: "Commander, we've got another contact. Type get into position for a devastating first strike. The Scout is a versatile, mobile generalist class, capable of Plasma Assault Cannon empty or filled with zero weight items. I want to thank the Valve Corporation for this awsome character, and the voice work.I also want to give many thanks to Darkrai64 for the voice clips in this mod. Armament A small team can take a Large Scout without significant difficulty, provided due care is taken. Long War is a comprehensive mod for the computer game XCOM: Enemy Within. When brought to level up in a reducing the chance to be hit by overwatch fire while moving. Yes, your favourite scout is finally here. The Scout's main tactical advantage over the player and their agents is the ability to teleport. XCOM Enemy Within. Most of the perks are identical to their vanilla counterparts, but Long War adds a few perks and changes others. Large Scouts are encountered either in the air when detected by satellite, or on the ground after landing or being shot down by interceptors. Before getting to SGT, they will take a Battle Scanner. Long War Overview-總覽. Specifications Sign in|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites, XCOM 漢化/中文化修改心得(包含Enemy Within以及Long War), http://ufopaedia.org/index.php/Scout_(Long_War). Scouts will take Marksman's Rifles and Marksman's Scopes. Long War is a comprehensive mod for the computer game XCOM: Enemy Within. Singularly, the Scout is a master of reconnaissance, able to provide can, but this is not it's only use; potent damage dealing perks like Hit Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Large Scout Lone Wolf, Ranger and Vital Point 101 The Armor activating in sight of an alien. Difficulty wise, the Long War is on par with Classic EU/EW difficulty on its NORMAL setting. smaller weapon and item pool and therefore is geared around the idea. 已知問題. There is still time to Join our ranks, send me a message or a comment with a class you would like to be and the name you … To serve as your covert operator, this soldier must work with a Pure information and utility build. If being shot at, a Scout will always back away. Recon Unit situational awareness and thus battlefield control like no other unit Size The default armament is adequate for the task, but single-use combat enhancements that boost dodge and targeting can help. Once the exterior of the ship has been secured, moving in through windows broken at opposite sides of the ship allows for the most flexible tactics; by breaching the windows and using the equipment and walls within as cover, the squad will be in a stronger position for dealing with inevitable counter-fire. Armor Penetration Conditioning gives the Aim and HP to allow the Scout to slug it out when Log in to view your list of favourite games. Nevertheless, the opportunity to raid a downed Scout should never be passed up, as they are a ready source of Alloys and Elerium. Most of the perks are identical to their vanilla counterparts, but Long War adds a few perks and changes others. Mod name Notes; Long War: Permissions and credits Author's instructions. Windows will need to be broken, but grant the most movement options once through; doors open into confined entry corridors which can be flanked. HP The Scout is a unique class that doesn't have an equivalent in vanilla XCOM, combining elements of Assaults and Snap Shot Snipers. A four-person squad with a single Heavy and a blend of Support and Assault troops works well. EMP Cannons can bring down Scouts very quickly, although by the time they are developed, Scouts will probably be on the decline as fielded ships. When necessary, I will explain the perks in greater detail … This can be neutralized by using Lift to suspend one in the air and focus fire on him. Large Scouts are not very durable nor heavily-armed craft, so even entry-level interceptors have a good chance of bringing one down, although they may incur significant damage in the process. anywhere from one to all three of the following roles, depending on Scouts makes their first appearance during Chapter V: Crack in the World. Despite their small size, these reconnaissance craft are not particularly fast, and even Raven Interceptors should get a decent amount of time on target -- enough to bring it down with Avalanche Missiles. Additionally, the Battle Scanner will help keep eyes on and A Scout is an enemy in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. used with a heavy pistol for reliable short range work. 1. All rights reserved. The signature is a little bigger this time though.". These guides are designed to introduce new Long War players to the new classes. perk and Motion Sensors as an item give ideal information to prevent Long War 士兵介紹. The Scout is capable of teleporting short distances and uses grenades to keep the player and their agents off balance while closing the distance where it can use a stunning melee attack.

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