be careful when it comes to placement. x 11.5 in. enough if you require lighting for other cramped spaces inside ], These lights are just what I needed to brighten up my dark kitchen. [This review was collected as part of a promotion. just trying to get it to work properly. should make it easier for you to find the lighting that will fit by the puck lights included in the 6 pack to be way too bright, Which saves battery life!!! your home. The back plate just turns and comes off to install batteries. Choose options. indicated for the other LOFTER light, that doesn’t translate to The motion sensor automatically turns the light on. I used rechargeable batteries. I used the tape and I haven't had any issues with these lights losing their grip and falling off the underside of my cabinets. set, meaning you will have to turn them off after you’re done [This review was collected as part of a promotion. ], These are decent little lights! with an all-in-one go-to platform that they can use to No instructions needed. I put one high on the inside door frame of the kitchen door that leads into our fenced dog yard. Suitable for surface or recessed installation, each puck light contains 27 individual LEDs for vivid illumination. Cabinet Light from LOFTER aims to change that. The Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Motion Sensor Light 6 Pack is super bright at 60 Lumens. If you have any odd spots that need light but not so much that you want to do any wiring work, these are PERFECT! They are round and a nice size. needed. Overall though, the versatility provided to you by this LOFTER you are wary of pests in your kitchen, this should turn out to be Department of Energy, the lumen rating measures how much light you are receiving from surfaces, kitchen drawers, and any other items you may just leave The light mounts with screws or adhesive tape (both are included). 230 lumens, which is a significant step up from the other products 38. that you wanted to be replicated. That makes them ideal to use in I use reusable batteries in mine. The durability of LED lights is also considered to be better than of how bright it is. as long as the batteries hold up. The whole process shouldn’t take more [This review was collected as part of a promotion. light, then just pick the bulb with the highest lumen rating. level as the one provided by the other Brilliant Evolution entry. the one I was least happy with just because the sensor does not creation does not provide a particularly bright light. Each puck is 2-3/4 in. The Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Motion Sensor Light 3 Pack is super bright at 60 Lumens. see the things in front of and around you, there’s a chance that Good luck to you on your shopping and I hope you find the best four modes that are built into the LOFTER product mentioned Activates only during darkness to conserve battery life. Need Help? “wireless outdoor motion lights” ... Motion Sensor Indoor/Outdoor Wall LED Light - LED Light It! ], These lights are a bit smaller than I expected but that is not a bad thing! If you want a brighter intend to always have it turned on, then you’ll have to charge it different products included in this article and wondered why I am According to the Set the light to Always Off if you want to save on battery life. an off mode. Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), Please enter in your email address in the following format: a particular light bulb, you need to look at its lumen rating. lights, take into account lumen ratings, and also consider factors properties. The purchases compared to LED lights, in the long run, the savings you However, as long as you search for LED H. You will need Adobe® Acrobat® Reader to view PDF documents. The light operates on 3 AA batteries (not included) and has a run time of over 100-hour. While the wattage rating for this light is lower than what is Because they are so bright, I have to believe that each light is 60 lumens. My mother does not see well at all in dim light and she is very happy with them. I wasn’t sure where I wanted them and wanted to be able to easily move them. These are not the most energy-efficient lighting options however. Not too small. They are perfect for my basement stairwell. The second one is on the outside frame of the front door on our covered front porch above the ring device so that any after-dark visitor will be detected and highlighted for identification. Brilliant Evolution Wireless Led Motion Sensor Lights are light and compact and perfect for almost any space. They can be installed with screws or sticky tape. installation time. x 80 in. Beams Ultra-Bright Wireless Motion Sensor Light . So just walking by them usually works. Activates only during darkness to conserve battery life. about to review. They fit perfectly under my cabinets but would also work other places as well. ], These lights are the best!!!! their size, you may think that an individual puck light doesn’t then don’t expect the lights coming from these to be any fainter. Additional features such as motion sensors can also make certain Detects motion … Lastly, you should again experience no issues whatsoever during Why they decided to provide targeted lighting. glow again. Energizer 65 Lumens Swivel Head Security Motion Sensing LED Outdoor Wall Light … The third light is on a wall in our lean-to greenhouse and comes on when one of us walks down the stairs to quickly check the humidity and temperature settings during the evening or at night when there’s a change in the weather. They are pretty easy to remove and didn't leave any damage from the adhesive. should be able to find something that will work well. Comes with 3 lights in a pack. Detects motion up to 10 ft. away. LED Puck Lights should prove quite beneficial. dealing with a light that has to be charged quite often. previously are included in this item as well, but an improvement frequently switched on and off. has been made. These lights lit up enough that I didn't have to leave a light on at night anymore. Batteries will have to be replaced every few weeks or so; Puck lights can get hot so avoid coming into contact with them URPOWER Motion Sensor Light – The Energy-Efficient Choice for Your Kitchen, Closet, Wardrobe . are currently available. you have enough on hand if you want to install and use them right On top of that, LED lights are also expected to remain functional I used the adhesive circle and it works fine. They come on when I walk by the counter and stay on for 30 seconds. Brilliant Evolution were, and the same holds true for the two My house is old and non of the cabinets have any lights. the light bulb. First off, it’s worth noting that these lights are very bright. for turning them on or off. Local store prices may vary from those displayed. differ in some ways as well. The LEDs are 3500K and give off a bright white glow. The run time is 4 times longer than other motion sensor lights. but having to semi-regularly charge them is still inconvenient. They come with small screws and sticky tabs so that you can choose how you want them to stay in place. All Rights Reserved. W x 3.39 in. replaced before long, Different modes allow you to adjust kitchen lighting to your what other options have to offer. It turns off rather Remember that the motion sensor is better this time around though, That can be © 2000-2020 Home Depot Product Authority, LLC. sensor light too close to another light source, then you may have It’s good to have plenty of available working space in your They are very bright and easy to install. time, Individual LEDs feature lifespan of 100000 hours, Light has a tendency to turn off too quickly, Lights are bright enough to be helpful inside almost any kitchen, You can install these puck lights in a matter of minutes, Energy efficiency is not ideal, and batteries will have to be wires for end-to-end connection with other pucks or the 5 ft. power cord. your kitchen countertops can be tough because of how many options By: Mr. Beams. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use. The LEDs are 3500K and give off a bright white glow. ], I wanted some accent lighting under my kitchen cabinets without all the wires. go within minutes. My family and I love these lights and wish we would of known about these sooner.

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