That imbalance is what created the need to export millions of barrels of domestic crude each day to be refined in other countries. Keeping the permitting process as simple as possible and at the state level was also the driving force behind the project permitted capacity. rights reserved. Lawyers for Enterprise argue that restoring the jury verdict would send shockwaves through the business community by establishing that two sophisticated parties could be partners despite paperwork that said they were not. The lawsuit, filed by ELPC and Braaten Law Firm, is in response to North Dakota Department of Health’s (NDDoH) approval of an air permit for Meridian Energy Group’s proposed Davis Refinery, which would be the first industrial-sized refinery built in more than 40 years. Republication or distribution of this content is “Kiva is a valued long-term strategic partner,” Meridian Chairman and CEO William Prentice said in a statement. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Executives at Energy Transfer and Enterprise entered into a non-binding agreement to build a pipeline, which they called the “Double E.”. “Yeah, we’re having fun now,” Prentice laughed when I asked him to talk about the concept behind his refinery project. “Part of the deal was that we would build a grassroots full-conversion refinery that would meet the requirements for a synthetic minor source,” Prentice told me, “which enables us to do all our permitting at the state level. Meridien Energy, LLC is an experienced, full-service pipeline construction company headquartered in New York state with division offices in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida. Five of the people suing live in Texas and the other two live in Minnesota, according to the lawsuit. Securities filings show Meridian has raised only about 9% of the project’s costs to date. He is the resident energy expert on the "In The Oil Patch" radio program, and executes frequent public speaking engagements around the state of Texas and at conferences. “Actually, there is still a lawsuit before the North Dakota Supreme Court that is trying to get the Court to change the math and pretend like we’re over 50,000 barrels per day. Fuel Fix: Get energy news sent directly to your inbox. LOOK INSIDE -->, “National Parks Conservation Association refuses to stand by and allow Meridian Energy Group to pollute the air within and surrounding Theodore Roosevelt National Park with its proposed oil refinery.”. Enterprise ulitmately bolted the arrangement and teamed up with the Canadian pipeline company Enbridge to build a similar project, which was completed in 2014. Many years have passed since the last large greenfield refinery was built in the continental United States. The NDDH will not test for certain hazardous pollutants such as benzene. • Wick Communications. Meridian for business. “We have also been looking at a site near Cushing, Oklahoma. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. Meridian Energy Limited is a New Zealand electricity generator and retailer. Newspapers Limited, One Yonge Street, 4th floor, Toronto, ON, M5E 1E6. “Total emissions from our plant will be about 1/10th of the industry average on a per-barrel basis, and greenhouse gases coming off the refinery are less than half of the industry average,” he said. The text or links to all of David’s writings and podcasts can be found at Washington DC 20001-3723. Since that time, growing environmental restrictions have made obtaining permits for new refining operations from state and federal government agencies increasingly difficult and costly. The company said at the time that payments were being made on the lien but would not disclose the amount. NPCA and its 1.3 million members and supporters work together to protect and preserve our nation’s most iconic and inspirational places for future generations. David has enjoyed a 39-year career in the oil and gas industry, the last 23 years of. These meetings, according to documents, occurred four days before Enterprise terminated its agreement with Energy Transfer. It has been 43 years, in fact, since Marathon Petroleum opened its spanking-new 200,000 barrel of oil per day (bopd) refinery in Garyville, Louisiana in 1977. The permit granted by North Dakota does not provide needed assurances that Meridian Energy will keep pollution to required levels. Low 24F. Kelcy Warren, CEO of Energy Transfer Partners. With the permits in place, Prentice and his team now move into the funding phase of the project, which he expects to take about 6 months. The lawsuit seeks nearly $607,000 in “economic damages,” attorney fees and a jury trial. The company said at the time that payments were being made on the lien but would not disclose the amount. This case pits the Dallas company Energy Transfer Partners against Enterprise Products Partners of Houston and revolves around the issue of whether they legally formed a joint venture to develop $1 billion pipeline to transport oil from the storage hub in Cushing, Okla., to Houston. Medora, ND – National Parks Conservation Association, the Environmental Law & Policy Center (ELPC) and the Dakota Resource Council filed a lawsuit against the State of North Dakota today, in response to the state’s issuance of an air permit for a proposed oil refinery near Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Environmental groups argue that pollution from the factory will spoil scenery and air quality at the 30,000-acre (12,000-hectare) park. Enterprise responded that it never formed a legally binding partnership. Onto this often-tedious battlefield now steps William Prentice, Chairman and CEO of Meridian Energy Group, who I interviewed early in July after his … You may opt-out by. Legal experts say this goes to the heart of the dispute for the Texas Supreme Court: Do the justices rely on a set of written agreements or state law enacted to define the formation of business partnerships? A few weeks later, Enterprise announced it was doing a separate pipeline deal with Enbridge. The NDDH should reexamine whether or not the emission numbers submitted by Meridian are realistic and also add measures to be certain that the proposed refinery is in compliance with the permit. The inevitable raft of litigation that follows the issuance of any permits also increases the costs and adds to time delays. “The Davis [Bakken] Refinery is our first, but we are also looking at a site for a second one in the Permian area,” he told me. Star Newspapers Limited and/or its licensors. The North Dakota Supreme Court earlier this year issued rulings that favored the project, allowing the developer to move forward. Enterprise executives Mark Hurley and Bart Moore and Enbridge Senior Vice President Vern Yu discussed the possibility of partnering with Enterprise to build a pipeline very similar to the project with Energy Transfer. So, we’re going to be sort of the serial killers of the refinery industry.”. Preserving Our Past. Many such projects have tried to get off the ground during those intervening 43 years, but the planners of them have all ended up losing what has become a strategic war of attrition. We must protect the air quality in the national park, which visitors and surrounding community members breathe, and on which the stunning views and fragile ecosystems depend. Last year, CEO William Prentice told The Associated Press that the company had delayed the refinery’s startup until 2022. All Rights Reserved. Earlier this month, the Texas Supreme heard arguments in the case. It wasn’t too long ago – I think it was November/December of last year – one industry leader was quoted as saying that ‘any additional barrel of shale oil coming online would have to be exported.’ There was just no refining capacity that could handle the lighter grades of crude. Onto this often-tedious battlefield now steps William Prentice, Chairman and CEO of Meridian Energy Group, who I interviewed early in July after his company had received word that the North Dakota Supreme Court had upheld the air quality permit, originally issued in June, 2018, enabling MEG to proceed with the building of a new, 49,500 bopd capacity refinery smack in the middle of the Bakken Shale play in North Dakota.

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