Ultear and Meredy interfering with Jellal's battle. Human However, certain varieties of these blades can be produced so they interact with the physical world, as well as attacking the sense of the pain of the targets. [31], After watching Acnologia attack Tenrou Island, Meredy and Ultear manage to reach the main land. Later, as Zero is revived and attacks Jellal, Meredy runs towards her guildmate. 5'5" ", X792 She quickly grew excited because she saw that the island was in view, but showed a lack of confidence after Ultear scolded her, as she then hung her head down in an ashamed manner. She wears some sort of gold wing-like headgear around her ears. She was able to receive several of Juvia's powerful water attacks, and still remained capable enough to push through with the battle. [61], Later, as Zero is revived and attacks Jellal, Meredy runs towards her guildmate. More often than not, these blades are commanded through verbal commands and on occasion, through motions. Her outfit consists of a red long-sleeved dress that reaches her thighs, with a golden trim around a deep neckline that exposes a large amount of her ample cleavage with a red short skirt and a light-colored belt tied around her waist, black-colored stockings and brown, calf-high boots. Enraged, Meredy prepares to kill herself anyway, but is stunned into silence when Juvia rushes forward and hugs her instead. Meredy usually is a stoic, mature, and calm individual. Juvia and Meredyis a friendship between Fairy Tail Mage, Juvia Lockser, and Crime Sorcière Mage,Meredy. Independent Mage Group Leader Meredy (メルディ Merudi) was a member of Grimoire Heart and one of the Seven Kin of Purgatory and was even a member of Crime Sorcière, an Independent Guild for a time. "I do not fear death!" The defeated Yomazu informs them that the Dark Mages of the Seven Kin of Purgatory are coming for them. Her outfit after consists of a red dress with a ruffly trim around a deep neckline that exposes a large amount of her now ample cleavage with a short skirt and a belt tied around her waist and black colored stockings and brown boots. Her emotions reach through to Meredy through their Sensory Link, causing her to cry as well. Confronting the newly free Mages, the group prepare for the former Dark Guild's response. Im Oracion Seis Arc trägt er eine weiße Hose mit einem dunkelblauen Top und einen Mantel, welchen er zuvor auf d… Status Meredy in Fairy Tail and Crime Sorciere's reunion. Over her uniform, she wears a red cape with a golden lining around the edges. Nevertheless, Meredy decides to follow Ultear off the island. The cape's left-shoulder portion has the symbol of Grimoire Heart in white. When in battle, she also seems to be quite cocky, referring to those she considers weak as trash. Meredy tries to explain herself as Zancrow takes Zeref back, but Zancrow mockingly reveals that Ultear was the one who destroyed her hometown in the first place. When Natsu confirms he is, Ultear immediately reasons that they can just kill the present Rogue, subsequently killing his future counterpart; Meredy however thinks that just the fact that a future Rogue exists already means that his present self will not die, as such is the nature of a time paradox. When Ultear asks who she attacked earlier, Natsu lets them know it was Rogue from the future, which prompts Meredy to ask if he is an enemy. Ultear then sacrifices herself to rewind the world's time by one minute, sending Meredy back to instant before Gray is killed. [12], Meredy accompanies her guild as their airship approaches Tenrou Island, where they discover Zeref to be living. Before they can reach a conclusion, Jellal interrupts them, stating that they shouldn't get ahead of themselves, as he is still unsure if he believes what future Lucy said. メルディ After being questioned on this, Natsu states that they should not condemn Rogue based on his future-self's actions, and that doing so only makes them as bad as he. Maguilty Sense (マギルティ=センス Magiruti Sensu): Maguilty Sense can best be described as a rather peculiar Magic, as it allows the caster to manipulate the senses of their designated targets, but how the senses are manipulated depends on the manner which the Magic is cast. In return, Ultear offers to enhance their Magic Power by using her Arc of Time to evolve their magical containers to be able to tap into their Second Origin. However, just as she reaches him, Zero appears one more time, hitting Jellal with a devastating attack, even destroying the surroundings. Suddenly, Natsu comes out of the shadow enveloping him and Meredy turns to him as he attempts to leave, stating that he promised to protect the future. [47], While tending to Natsu, Meredy feels a tremor coming from the outside and grows worried. After she joins Fairy Tail, she develops a happier demeanor. Realizing that Juvia loves Gray, Meredy decides to take a new approach to their battle by creating a Sensory Link between Gray and Juvia so that Gray will feel the pain she deals to Juvia. [68] The group then only continues fighting the army of Alvarez with everything they've got. Suddenly, Natsu comes out of the shadow enveloping him and Meredy turns to him as he attempts to leave, stating that he promised to protect the future. To her enemies, her speech seems almost robotic, as she pauses between words and refers to her mission to "exterminate" and "annihilate" her enemies as the "prime directive", and she even gave the members of Fairy Tail numbers for the order in which she would kill them. A former Dark Mage, Meredy was one of the Seven King of Purgatory in the Grimoire Heart Guild, growing under its Master and Ultear Milkovich whom she viewed as a surrogate mother. Meredy also has an immense amount of passion and resolve for someone her age, as she was willing to kill herself to protect the one she loves. [17] Before they fight, Meredy reveals to them her guild's objective of awakening Zeref to create a world where only Mages can thrive while non-Magic users won't survive. She becomes angered when Ultear confirms it, saying she had believed it wouldn't have mattered if they were to acquire Zeref. [80], Enhanced Durability: Meredy has shown herself to be a durable combatant. Juvia tries to stop her by breaking her own leg, which damages Meredy's as well. When the group arrives, the three members of Crime Sorcière reveal themselves and ask the Fairy Tail Mages to investigate a strange Magical force surrounding the Grand Magic Games. As the meteor from the latter lands, Meredy covers herself as a means of defense.[63]. Meredy then watches, surprised, as Jellal begins to overpower the Oración Seis, wanting to show them true freedom, devoid of darkness. As they continue their fight, the group is soon stopped when their opponents begin to disappear after the Eclipse Gate is destroyed. Later Jellal and Meredy leave their friends and meet up with each other. Fate Weaver (運命の機屋 Unmei no Hataya)Empathic Sorceress (共感巫女 Kyōkan Miko)Rose Maniac (薔薇狂 Barakyō)Witch (魔女 Majo), 13 (Pre-TS), 20 (Post-TS)23 (Breakdown), 30 (Uprising), 5'0" ft. (152cm, Pre-TS)5'8" ft. (176cm, Post-TS), 100lbs (45kg, Pre-TS)140lbs (63kg, Post-TS). In X784, Meredy is a young girl of short stature. In the letter, Ultear mentions that, although she failed accomplishing her mission as a Crime Sorcière member, Meredy and Jellal must not fail, as the real fight starts now. She wears some sort of gold wing-like headgear around her ears. Meredy is usually a stoic, mature, and calm individual when she first appeared. She has short, pink hair and bright green eyes. Unknown Ultear and Meredy secretly watch the Grand Magic Games after Jellal temporarily leaves them to join Team Fairy Tail B, in the disguise of Mystogan. Type of Villain After Gray dismisses the pertinence of the discussion, Meredy gleefully acknowledges how Juvia is misinterpreting the conversation. As Levy runs, she trips and falls unconscious. Partner(s) Independent Mage Her uniform is a tight, purple leotard with brownish thigh-high boots that have white stripes at the top. As Meredy and Jellal talk about their newfound information, an old lady approaches them asking them if they are Jellal and Meredy. [65], Along their journey to Magnolia, Meredy and the others follow Jellal in a hurry amidst noticing the Dragons destroying the Faces.

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