I. Concluding saying of this section—practical, fresh, bold, and taken from the life. Jackson, B. A.Men are worn out, enfeebled, aged more by corroding care than by hard labour. His REWARD." Every day has some such troubles: “suas afflictiones, quas nihil est necesse metu conduplicare”. I. Against this, therefore, our Lord especially warns his disciples. For sufficient for us is the thought of time present; let us leave to God the future which is uncertain. The promises of prosperity in the New Testament are small.I. By the busy, anxious, laborious class of the community.2. If the result of constitutional melancholy must be borne patiently, etc. The Expositor's Greek Testament. "Commentary on Matthew 6:34". BibliographyJohnson, Barton W. "Commentary on Matthew 6:34". Faith arises from reflection on the revelation of God. The doxology, and conclusion. L. Hull, B. A.We must regard this injunction as Christ here regards it, as flowing from faith.1. Upon the young man just entering into life.2. A. In this search, all other essential throes will be granted.(J. The willow finds moisture, even though you should not be able to. )The first object in lifeJ. All concentration instead is to be on seeking His Kingly Rule over men’s lives and His righteous deliverance of His people. Today has enough to do of its own; to-morrow brings its own harvest. Senibus mors in ianuis, adolescentibus in insidiis, saith Bernard. WHAT ARE WE TO UNDERSTAND BY THE KINGDOM OF GOD? C. God deals with different individuals in different ways. Cadman, M. BibliographyJamieson, Robert, D.D. Very good; the flower has to develop. The preface. 1, p. 52 f. BibliographyMeyer, Heinrich. It will preserve from all dishonesty. II. Look at a housemaid; if she be bright, cheerful, high-spirited, her toil is performed efficiently and speedily, to the satisfaction of herself and her mistress. How vain, then, to set the affections on so frail a treasure! A., Adam Littleton, D. D.A young lady once expressed to Hogarth, the great satirist, a wish to learn to draw caricature. Disquieting care is as unnecessary as it is unprofitable. To pray for and help on the Second Advent.II. BibliographyAquinas, Thomas. O. P. Fitzgerald.I. 2. A. (Adam Littleton, D. D.)The evil here isT. Patience and perseverance in our endeavours after the kingdom of God and His righteousness. It springs at once from love. Jackson, B. A.Men are worn out, enfeebled, aged more by corroding care than by hard labour. He argues from the less to the greater — "Is not the life more than meat?"2. They did not reason, nor debate with themselves, who should keep the wolf from the sheep in the mean time; but did as they were commanded, and committed their sheep to him, whose pleasure they obeyed; so let us do now we be called, commit all other things to him that calleth us. [Note: Hagner, p160.]. TROUBLE NOT YOURSELVES ABOUT FUTURITY. In this search, all other essential throes will be granted.(J. (3)In point of anxiety.II. That we make religion our business, and exercise ourselves in the duties of it, both in public and private. (Wilmot Buxton. A fixed design and resolution to that end. WHAT IS HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS?1. and necessarily so. WHAT RESTRICTIONS DOES OUR TEXT IMPOSE UPON HUMAN CAREFULNESS? Things are only of value as God blesses them; God's gifts are better than His permissions. Glen, that is a brilliant sermon :) Warmed me greatly. [3.] Suggestions of Satan.4. If the result of physical causes must be treated accordingly. 2. 1897-1910. Scripture: Matthew 6:1–15. The greatness of the design, and the excellency of' what we seek after, will justify the highest degree of discreet zeal and fervour in the prosecution of4.

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