The ongoing trade dispute between the US and China, along with security concerns over Huawei and other Chinese firms, could potentially affect Lenovo. Samsung and Apple have been the market leaders for years, with Samsung usually occupying the top spot and Huawei usurping Apple's hitherto-customary second place in recent quarters (Q1 2019, Q2 and Q3 2018). By registering, you agree to the Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices outlined in the Privacy Policy. Next in line for the turnaround treatment is the data centre group, which has seen double-digit revenue growth for the past five quarters but has yet to make a profit. Hyperscale customers, who run huge data centres with thousands of servers, in multiple locations, typically buy stripped-down 'white box' servers based on commodity hardware from ODMs (Original Device Manufacturers), avoiding large OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) like Dell and HPE primarily for cost reasons. Charles McLellan Lenovo delivers outstanding Q1 2020/21 performance and strong growth with Group revenue showing a 7% year-on-year increase reaching US$13.3 billion. Shanxi Finicial Holding Group Co.,Ltd. What's the market weather forecast looking like for Lenovo? Samsung Black Friday deals: Galaxy Note, Tab, Book, and more. After a long period of growth, the smartphone market is now entering a mature phase, with high penetration levels and lengthening replacement cycles in many regions, and high growth rates restricted to a few emerging markets. Lenovo released its Q1 financial results and a big part of our success stems from the strong execution of our 3S strategy and our ongoing Service-led intelligent transformation. However, the picture isn't quite so gloomy if you're a market leader like Lenovo, which shipped 59.8 million PCs in 2018, 58m in 2017 and 55.5m in 2016, according to IDC. The Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group (LCIG) launched in May 2016 with $500 million of venture capital to spend on innovation. Lenovo's three main business groups cover PCs (and smart devices), smartphones, and data centres. To learn more about how Lenovo’s 3S strategy is guiding our long-term growth, listen to Bo Lu, vice president, Corporate Strategy, discuss … The company's turnaround strategy for the MBG saw it break even in Q2 and become profitable worldwide in Q3 for the first time since the Motorola acquisition. Beyond the Numbers: Lenovo’s 3S Strategy and Service-led Transformation. Google Chromebook demand booms for Dell, HP, Lenovo. But, said Sebastian Lagana, research manager, Infrastructure Platforms and Technologies, at IDC, "This was offset by increased server sales to enterprise customers and higher average selling prices (ASPs). Top deals on Surface devices highlight Microsoft's Black Friday offerings. The LCIG funds and nurtures advances not only in AI, but also in IoT, big data and VR/AR, across sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare and transportation. Although most media attention focuses on innovative, high-end mobile devices, Forrester analyst Danny Mu suggests that Lenovo's best prospects lie at the affordable end of the market: "Cutting-edge innovations like folding phones or modular phones (Moto Mods, for example) are fancy, but for most consumers, mobile phones are not a luxury -- they should be affordable. Download this article as a PDF (free registration required). Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. "We pay a lot of attention to security: we have taken steps to carefully review all the processes in product development, manufacture and supply chain to make sure that the final product is safe. This seems to be working: in its Q3 FY18/19 earnings announcement, Lenovo reported that "The Hyperscale business delivered triple-digit [266%] growth thanks to its investments in improving its in-house design, manufacturing capabilities and customer mix.". However, IDC research manager Anthony Scarsella warned recently that "Consumers continue to hold on to their phones longer than before as newer higher priced models offer little incentive to shell out top dollar to upgrade. There's still some way to go, though, as the group lost $55 million before tax in Q3 FY18/19. Lenovo is currently the number-one vendor -- in terms of both systems and performance -- in the HPC (High Performance Computing) TOP500 list, which documents the 500 most powerful commercially available computer systems worldwide: Outside of cloud and on-premises data centres, the edge of the network is an increasingly interesting area for server vendors, because the explosion of IoT devices will require a lot of computing power to be located close to where data is generated, in order to address issues surrounding security, latency, bandwidth and downtime. How often have you read that the PC is dead or dying? Lenovo announces their “3S” strategies: Smart IOT, Smart Infrastructure, and Smart Vertical, which will serve as a catalyst for intelligent transformation. Lenovo is best known as a PC manufacturer, and currently occupies the number-two spot just behind HP Inc in IDC's latest worldwide rankings (Q1 2019). To learn more about how Lenovo’s 3S strategy is guiding our long-term growth, listen to Bo Lu, vice president, Corporate Strategy, discuss the company’s 3S strategy focused on Smart IoT, Smart Infrastructure and Smart Verticals. Feiyu Xu, VP of Lenovo Group and Head of Lenovo Research AI Lab, explains the company's approach to AI and innovation. The infrastructure software could contribute more profit.". The tech etailer has some good Black Friday sales, but be aware of outdated and refurb products amongst its deals. Charles McLellan visited Beijing courtesy of Lenovo. However, CEO Yang Yuanqing, speaking to ZDNet in November 2018, was confident that the company's reputation and multinational status would stand it in good stead. The company's flagship PC product line is its ThinkPad range of premium business laptops, which was acquired along with the rest of IBM's PC business in 2005 for $1.25bn. | June 6, 2019 -- 17:49 GMT (18:49 BST) So how has Lenovo managed to prosper under these circumstances? "PCs are still the cornerstone," Forrester's Danny Mu told ZDNet, "but Lenovo's new strategy is '3S' -- Smart IoT, Smart Infrastructure and Smart Vertical, which shows its ambition on intelligence. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Market shares for Lenovo and HP -- who have traded the number-one spot in recent years -- have been rising, at the expense of other PC vendors: Although regular top-five PC vendors like Dell, Apple, Acer and Asus have held their own, smaller manufacturers have suffered in this mature, shrinking market where margins are often paper-thin. After visiting its China HQ, Charles McLellan reports on Lenovo's future. Given that the DCG generated $4.39 billion in revenue in FY2017/18 (ended 31 March 2018), capturing just 3.9 percent of the estimated 2018 TAM, Skaugen is certainly not underestimating the group's growth potential. Lenovo’s Jie Yu shares her insights on Lenovo’s service offerings and explains why this service-led transformation is so important to the company’s long-term growth. Here are the top 50 IT companies in the 2018 Innovation 1000 rankings (no doubt Lenovo will be pleased to see arch-rival HP Inc. several places adrift): The average level of R&D expenditure in 2018 among these top 50 IT companies was 16.9 percent of revenue, which is well above Lenovo's 2.8 percent. In its Q3 FY2018/19 earnings report, LCIG -- which last year was ranked 11th in CBN Weekly's Top 50 China Venture Capital Investors list -- reported 15 new investment projects and new rounds of investment for seven existing projects. Research areas at Lenovo's AI Lab include natural language processing (used in smart speakers and smart service assistants), voice technologies (automatic speech recognition, speaker recognition), computer vision (face and object recognition, medical image processing, smart cameras and albums), machine learning and smart data (used in smart supply chain management) and an award-winning AI training platform. So can Lenovo bring together PCs, smartphones and data centre into a comprehensive strategy?

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