Orbital 7 destroyed several, enabling Kite, Shark and Tori to wield the litterbots weapons and destroy more. At the lab site, Kite argued with Quinton about how he wouldn't "coddle" Yuma like him, even though he knows the dangers that Yuma would face. He also uses the "Galaxy" archetype to summon the upgraded forms of "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon": "Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" and "Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon" easier. They used "Neo Galaxy-Eyes" to help power up "Utopia Ray" and defeat the Barian. [18] Just before doing so, he was transported to Vetrix's headquarters, where he thanked Vetrix for comforting him before falling comatose. [38], During the Duel with Dr. Faker, they developed a friendship and worked well with each other. Kite and the group learned the tale of a warrior from the duo and deduced that "Number" was in the coliseum, which was under a lake. [20], When Yuma and the others were setting off to the last ruins, Yuma mention that Kite wouldn't join them this time because he was looking into some things. ZEXAL episode 26: "Let the Duels Begin!" Before they started, Kite asked if Jinlon Dueled with Mizar and if Mizar won or not, but Jinlon didn't answer. Quattro retreated, saying that he will see Shark in the finals when he has a full Heart Piece. She claimed she wished to face Vetrix for Mr. Heartland. [10], Because of Hart's condition supposedly being caused by the "Number" cards, Kite Duels and acts ruthlessly when it comes to facing those whose possess such cards. Believing it was his destiny as a dragon master, Kite challenged Jinlon, putting his "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" for his "Number" up for stake. Kite Tenjo, hers crush. He became cruel and sadistic just like his older brothers, even attacking a helpless Yuma and proceeded to laugh evilly when Yuma was hurt. Kite's design is largely unchanged from his appearance in Yu-Gi-Oh! Yuma asked Kite why he hunts "Numbers", Kite answered that he sold his soul to the devil for Hart's sake. Vetrix agreed to this and told Trey he would give him new powers to help him beat Yuma. Upon arriving in an mountain range, Kite went with Yuma and Shark to climb a mountain to reach the ruins. [6], In the beginning, Kite despises those wielding the "Numbers" due to Hart's condition and the lies told to him by Mr. Heartland and his father as well. Massimo Di Benedetto. As Gozaburo's assistant, Leichter was originally next in line to run KaibaCorp until Kaiba became president instead. [3] Suspecting that Yuya, Gong, and Sylvio were Duel Academy Duelists, Kite immediately challenged Sylvio to a Duel. Kite told him not to concern himself with that and focus on the confrontation the two will surely have in the finals. Another ability is to block any attempt to remove a "Number" card from Trey, such as Kite's Photon Hand, or Astral's powers. As he wondered where he was, he saw the world distorting around him. Unbeknownst to him, Hart was kidnapped by Quinton. As Z-ARC attacked them, Kite and Shay activated Action Cards, but the effect of "Supreme King Z-ARC" destroyed them as they had been added to their hands outside the Draw Phase. He can Duel without a Duel Gazer; however, his left eye turns red and several marks resembling a Duel Gazer are seen when he Duels. [29] After Cameron Clix caused a giant plane engine to be destroyed, Kite with the assistance of Orbital 7 flew onto the plane, and managed to crashland it onto a highway, saving hundreds of lives in the process. Duel Academy's invasion also caused Kite to be distrustful of outsiders who are not from the Xyz Dimension, even if they are not from Duel Academy, seeing them as nothing more than intruders that threaten the peace of his world. [51] The group then head to Spartan City, where Kite and friends went to see the Pro Duelist Spartancity Tournament and reunited with Nistro and Dextra. He was a former Numbers hunter and rival of Tsukumo Yuma and Astral 15[3] Despite this, "Prime Photon Dragon" was destroyed and banished thanks to Mizar's "Tachyon Chaos Hole". [38], Faker immediately brought out what he called the strongest "Number", "Number 53: Heart-eartH". [9], Trey also showed amazement towards Yuma Tsukumo for his protection to Kite Tenjo, and had developed an interest in him. He was involved in Shark's sister's accident which resulted in her being hospitalized. Height [64], Kite and the others returned to Heartland, meeting up with Quinton's brothers and Yuma's friends to tell them what what happened with Yuma. After his family were sealed into cards by Duel Academy, Kite abandoned the Resistance and began a one-man vendetta against Duel Academy, vowing to seal thousands of its soldiers into cards and earning a bounty on his head as a result.

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