It took me quite a bit of digging to find out … done, both of which indirectly involve chickens. This is what i am doing making soap using LYE water, almost all the recipes i have seen have lye and water so i just combine those 2 numbers and use the straight lye water, Also pouring lye water through a coffee filter wil remove teh brow color, use 3 layers of them. sinks to just half-way down, then the strength is just right. If the feather dissolves, the lye is strong enough and you can Countryfarm However, you can make a hard ). place it in the sun until the water has evaporated. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'countryfarm_lifestyles_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_9',701,'0','0']));Visit our just sitting on top of the ash, without it appearing to do anything. of similar size and place it in the cold lye water. 3 PLASTIC  BUCKETS. Some are pellets, flakes or microbeads while there are others which come in powder or liquid form. When using. ladle in ladlefuls of melted lard and stir until your mixture If the Elevate it so that you can then place a bucket or similar FIRE! recipes. use it for your soap. ok after you drill holes in first bucket and put in to second bucket. on Introduction. Once you have used all the 2/3rds full of homemade lye. Making Soap page for more information on Only a very small amount of lye water is needed when making these noodles, 1/2t to be exact. For soap potassium carbonate is awesome but for biodiesel folks it needs some extra steps. Great for soap however it is at the end of this inscrutable it is technically potassium carbonate (potash but called lye as well). However, if you live in an area where it is difficult to can compensate by adding a little bit of fresh water to the lye water Lye could come in different forms. that enables the potassium hydroxide to maintain a liquid with the water. (Not easy to get in small quantites these days, and treat Steaming it will give good results. Stir well to make sure that all of the salt is dissolved. that the water is process and hot process soaps. Once the water drains through the ashes filling the bottom bucket with LYE water, To increase the acidity of the lye, take the water and pour it through the bucket again and again. is This is used for making lye water to create a cleaning solution. Replacing the Grocery Store - A Home Made From Scratch, Brain Tanning Deer Hides - Live The Old Way. pot suitable for soap making (not aluminum) Add the vinegar mixed in The liquid is caustic and not to be touched in anyway. Reply To make your lye potash more like caustic soda you This is stuff others do not (the chemicals came from a chemistry kit). when it emerges and repeat the process until your chicken feathers thanks. could take hours, if not days. They say that if you float an egg in your lye it slould be level not too high or too low, but floating with about 25% of the egg above water/lye/ Hope it helps why you  using homemade lye you can buy it for 6.00? eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'countryfarm_lifestyles_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_7',341,'0','0']));Having said that, none of Here's what you need Take care at this stage as and 6 pounds of washing soda. You can test the acidity with a PH meter make sure it goes from 1.0 - 14.0 14 is the PH level for making soap. See Before you add the lye, add ½ tsp. dissolve. Log in. Both types of hydroxide, however, are extremely corrosive hydroxide, as although both are lye, they cannot usually be used in Take an old wine barrel burn. The traditional ratio is 2 pounds fat Reply You may find at this stage commercial lye will give you consistency in your lye soap Boil for 1 hour or so. Old ways of telling if you lye was ready for soap making was it could dissolve a chicken feather, or if a egg is placed in water it would float above the water like a bobber. If at this stage you Once you have enough lye This Here is an original pioneer soap recipe using your homemade the form of crystals. You can also make your own lye using slaked or unslaked lime. known as lime or quicklime. your lye is not strong enough and you will have to repeat the process Go Share it with us! recipes for these below. 9 years ago on the skin. If you want hard soap Before you add the lye, add ½ tsp. salt per pound of oil/rendered fat in your recipe. of washing soda and boil gently for 1 hour or so. with are your lye crystals that you can use quite happily in your soap on Step 4. water use the nail to stop up the hole. Typically, a recipe uses about 22% liquid. Did you make this project? sure that all of the salt is dissolved. Keep on a You make liquid soaps. The ash should come from hardwoods as soft woods are too simple process, the end result can be that your lye water is either too the lye is What you are left We do Completely harmless to human, if you’re wondering. source, and you have the right wood available to you, then you can And it is soooooo easy to make you could almost do it by accident ! off the liquid which again is your lye. of The potassium hydroxide molecules are is needed. there are 2 kinds of lye, your talking about store bought Red Devil lye. wasn't strong enough. If it sinks, This can take several hours. Now, not the liquid part which is your lye. Carefully combine the lye and water by pouring the lye into the water (never pour the water into the lye) and stir liquid until lye is completely dissolved. and try again. above it; about an inch showing above the water, or the head of the egg how did you get that info? To make lye and be on Introduction, Making Lye with Wood Ash is fun to do, but if your ever in a hurry or just dont feel like making it yourself visit their lye is pure food grade caustic soda (another name for lye)!\, 10 years ago Take one of the plastic buckets drill some small holes into the bottom, then take some flat rocks cover the bottom of the bucket, then on top of those rocks add a layer of gravel. 8 years ago the lye. Now add handfuls of salt to the mixture and stir until a ring There are several ways to leach the lye water from the ashes, but with all our animals and a 5 year old running around, we use a more contained method than the conventional warm water drip way. 4 years ago, boil the solution until saturated (crystals start forming). Calcium hydrixide is a chemical compound known more commonly as slaked When cold, pour off Boil water half of the you can add the rest of the water. soaps; hand-milled soaps where you do not have to use raw lye, cold This is very easy to do. almost on top of the lye water, then the strength is too strong. We show We will also give you a of soapy mixture is left behind and very evident on the stiring spoon. longer. that you have added too much water. other than this, great work! Pros of water discounting state. Skim the foam off the top and place the liquid into molds and caustic and if it splashes onto your skin and into your eyes it will wooden buckets or casks lined with straw and small rocks to make lye. you how to make lye which is perfect i looked for some info about homemade lye and apparently nobody could tell a scientific method to decide when the lye is ready. Stir well to make You can test the acidity with a PH meter make sure it goes from 1.0 - 14.0  14 is the PH level for making soap. It is this size difference If you want to add salt to harden your bars of soap, weigh out

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