What I did, in the beginning, was to burn scented candles or incense under the desk near my computer until I got the product to fog my house (see below). However, in some cases they have been linked to hair loss. You should also WEAR THE MASK that comes with the fogger. Home remedies include baby shampoo to kill the mites and tea tree oil to destroy the mite eggs. alcohol turns to sugar in the blood faster than anything). Fogging infected clothing does not work. Generally, some eyelash mites will remain on the eyelash after it is pulled from your eyelid. Although they may have some anti-fungal qualities, the high oil content counters any good that they can do. If that does not work then try the suggestions below. Lint falling on your skin or an ant crawling on you makes you literally panic. It was critical to learn how to differentiate between the crawling (the ONLY bug symptom) and the rest of the fungus symptoms. Once applied let it soak in then re-apply and let soak in again. I had to address the environment and my skin at the same time to eradicate this condition, or I would have ended up in an endless loop of the environment re-infecting me and me re-infecting my environment. It is better to bag laundry based on what and how much will go into a load so you will not have to touch I again. All other moisturizers and oils I tried made the problem much worse. Do not use any natural fiber cloths or brushes ever until you are over this or you will be re-infecting yourself. So we know that this shampoo at least does not proliferate the condition. Same story with your car. Most likely if you think you have some kind of scabies you don’t. This is because the product triggers an instinct in the bug to get out of your house to fresh air. Only fog until you can’t see across the room since once the air is saturated the product falls out of the air on to the floor in droplets and is just wasting product. Hydrating the skin is like watering a plant you are trying to kill by not watering it. * Note you do not need to treat clothes you have not worn during your infection, but most people are in denial for about a month before they realize they have something so treat clothes going back one month before you knew you were infected. The skin can also have a residual itch from the damage and not be caused by active fungus. I sadly found this out twice after I was well for many years. The pad will need to be soaked in bleach or PCO and washed at least once a week as well. I used bleach for everything I could in the laundry to save money on the PCO. Spraying does not work so do not waste product spraying things; only fog. (To learn how to strengthen your immune system, read my book, Don’t Pollute Your Own Stream. If it does not reach the Collembola, it will not do anything. What I discovered was that only those treatments that did not weaken the immune system of my skin and body along with combating both the fungus infection in my skin and the Collembola infestation in my environment worked. These specimens show that the bug does not have any apparatus to sting or bite, so those symptoms are coming from the fungus skin infection. It does kill fleas and mange, and Collembola. If you find anything better quality for less money let me know. See a doctor for a more traditional solution if the red spots continue to spread after three days of application, or if the itching has not begun to diminish after one to two weeks. Just like the scalp and feet, the other moist place on the body is the crotch so the fungus can get really intense in these areas. If you feel there is a fungus returning by moisturizing just immediately go back to the protocol. After a soak, you can drain the clothing first by propping up a plastic laundry basket over the bathtub and letting the solution run back into the tub before wringing. So you might try that before any other treatment. Discuss use with a doctor if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. Close up the house and car for as long as you can, at least 2-3 hours. (See ordering instruction under Skin PRODUCTS). I still use their soap because when I was well and tried my old soap (a really healthy soap made by Weleda a homeopathic company in Germany) I found it dried my skin out so went back to using the body wash which cleans just as good and does not remove the protective part of your skins natural immunity like most soaps. It is most likely due to a new chemical they are all substituting since the percentage of active chlorine has not changed according to their labels. The other clue it is modified is that this fungus does not seem to respond according to general laws of nature. The condition more commonly goes by the name "scabies."

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