[195][196], Typeface designs are in many countries not copyrightable, while in others such as the United Kingdom the design is out of copyright with 70 years passed since Gill's death in 1940, by which time the metal type family was essentially completed. Joanna Nova, designed by Ben Jones, expands to 18 fonts with a generous helping of small caps, italics, Greek and Cyrillic letterforms. But Monotype did not create the Eric Gill Series solely in his honor. [58][9] (Gill Sans' standard weight is, as already noted, already quite bold by modern standards. This is necessary since the slanting cut would unbalance the letter if the stroke weights were lighter. 231) sometimes used. [9][14] The italic "e" is more restrained, with a straight line on the underside of the bowl where serif fonts normally add a curve. [9][129], Besides similar fonts, many signs and objects made in Britain during the period of Gill Sans' dominance, such as the Keep Calm and Carry On poster, received hand-painted or custom lettering similar to Gill Sans. Initially released by Monotype (Series 262) in 1928 with many styles following until Condensed in 1937. It is not a pure clone, but rather partly created by modifying Bitstream Vera, and adds influences from geometric fonts particularly visible in the design of the "w". [9][c] Like most serif fonts, several weights and releases of Gill Sans use ligatures to allow its expansive letter "f" to join up with or avoid colliding with following letters. [85] After Gill's death, Monotype created versions for the Greek and Cyrillic alphabets. [98], The digital releases of Gill Sans fall into several main phases: releases before 2005 (which includes most bundled "system" versions of Gill Sans), the 2005 Pro edition, and the 2015 Nova release which adds many alternate characters and is in part included with Windows 10. It is a much less sculptured design inspired by German sans-serifs. The typeface was designed to function as a text face as well and has been a popular choice for decades. The lightest Gill Sans Shadow weight, digitised as Gill Sans Light Shadowed and Gill Sans Nova Shadowed Light. Other more recent British organisations using Gill Sans have included Railtrack (and initially its successor Network Rail), John Lewis and the Church of England, which adopted Gill Sans as the typeface for the definitive Common Worship family of service books published from 2000. [184][185], More loosely, Syntax by Hans Eduard Meier is similar in some ways. Eric Gill was a well-known graphic designer, typographer, and sculptor. It has clean lines but lacks the symmetry and geometry of Futura or Univers. [101][4] In the phototype period Monotype continued to offer two or three sizes of master, but all of this subtlety was lost on transfer to digital. [6], Like all metal type revivals, reviving Gill Sans in digital form raises several decisions of interpretation, such as the issue of how to compensate for the ink spread that would have been seen in print at small sizes more than larger. This is where Eric Gill made a design for the front window and painted what we know today as Gill Sans on it. [17][19][21][i] Rhatigan has commented that Monotype's archives contain "enough [material] for a book just about the 'b', 'd', 'p', and 'q' of Gill Sans".[19][49]. Joanna Nova is a revival based on Joanna, another of Eric Gill's admired typefaces. It includes 16 fonts and more than 1,000 glyphs per font to accommodate 50 languages. Following the traditional serif model the italic has different letterforms from the roman, where many sans-serifs simply slant the letters in what is called an oblique style. [40] Johnston and Gill had drifted apart by the beginning of the 1920s, something Gill's groundbreaking biographer Fiona MacCarthy describes as partly due to the anti-Catholicism of Johnston's wife Greta. Gill Sans is a true hybrid, carrying characteristic of both serif and san serif fonts.A further exploration into the history, characteristic, pros and cons and personal opinions will allow for further understanding of this typeface and its uses in our society even in the present day. ChangeĀ ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Initially released by Monotype (Series 262) in 1928 with many styles following until Condensed in 1937.

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