The French craft a savory puff pastry or “pate brisee” that is less sweet, making it a good culinary base for meat mixtures and seafood. Le millefeuille est mon favoris ! Ainsi que les célèbres meringues, il existe les croissants Ispahan ( de temps en temps ) je crois il y a certains mois quand ils ne les produisent. Its main ingredients are butter, bread dough and sugar, so very much a treat pastry. What's Cooking America: Culinary Dictionary, "Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Vol. crisp. These pastries are perfect for a snack or finishing off an evening meal with some Chantilly cream. Get Started for Free Yes, please send me Géraldine's FREE weekly video lessons and occasional special offers from Comme une Française! A puff pastry treat with lots of butter and sugar, palmier translates to ‘palm tree’ and its shape is meant to represent that of a palm leaf. Learn French with my Favorite French Textbooks. Mille-feuille (translates as thousand-leaf) is a real French pastry classic. Et on trouve les meilleurs croissants à La Maison d’Isabelle. Et j’en ai manges beaucoup!! In both countries it is a legally controlled title that may only be used by bakeries that employ a licensed maître pâtissier (master pastry chef). Excellente leçon ici comme d’hab. Quand j’étais étudiante, j’habitais à Strasbourg pendant un mois au début d’une année en France, et avec mes deux autres amies américaines, on a décidé de goûter les millefeuilles de toutes les pâtisseries de la ville pour déterminer laquelle en avait les meilleures. Alors chaque fois qu’on a vu une pâtisserie, on y entrait acheter une millefeuille (ou trois). Traditionally, a mille-feuille pastry is made up of three layers of puff pastry, and two layers of crème pâtissière. A profiterole, sometimes referred to as a cream puff in other cultures. The Galette des Rois is an Epiphany cake filled with frangipane, which gets enjoyed on 6 January in France. I’ll tell you what to expect. , On aime toujours les petits gateaux Assez drôle, vous pouvez les trouver ici à Melbourne, en Australie, lorsque vous allez à Hot bread Bakeries. Pate sucree is a sweet pastry that resembles cookie dough that must be made in advance and allowed to mellow. 2 – A Few Local French Pastries Un Far breton : specialty of the Brittany, a region in the north-west of France. This pastry must be worked quickly to prevent the gluten in the flour base to develop, causing a less-than-perfect texture. nature et aussi des kouignettes framboises, caramel beurre sale, nutella et plus!! Now let me explain the most famous French pastries. Ca veut dire “bourratif”. In France, you’ll find the most delicate French pastries in “une pâtisserie”, which specializes in French pastries. You can find different flavors, such as une tartelette aux framboises (= small sweet tart with raspberries), or une tartelette aux fraises (= small tart with strawberries)… Or even une tartelette aux noix (= with walnuts) ! On mange des pâtisseries plutôt en dessert après un repas ou au goûter! Quand on a des amis pour diner, souvent on laisser faire le dessert au boulanger! Le Vitréais is a pastry from Vitré, Brittany. Bonjour à tous ! Includes dialog, study guide and full transcript + translations. Miam! List of French dishes – common desserts and pastries Pâtisserie – a French or Belgian bakery that specializes in pastries and sweets . Napoleons. I think we’ll take two…. Ahahah, et on a aussi un adjectif rigolo : “étouffe-chrétien”. À Paris j’adore ‘ Bleu Sucre ´ près du marché de la Bastille et la Pâtisserie Stohrer qui est la plus ancienne à Paris. BLACK FRIDAY 40% OFF SALE – ENDS IN Hrs Min Sec. See what you think, but most people say it tastes like a crunchy croissant. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. What’s an éclair ? Bon weekend. Instead of using yeast, choux dough uses high moisture content to cause steam during the cooking cycle to puff the pastry. Please log in again. Si tu es seule, tu peux les manger avec les doigts. Bonjour Ann, The Kouign Amann comes from Brittany, the coastal region in the north of France. French people buy their pâtisseries (= pastries) in la boulangerie (= at the baker’s). Available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. They’re made locally in every boulangerie, with their own recipe and name. Learning goals: This is what you’ll be able to do after watching this lesson. If you want to start your day off in a French way, choose a croissant every time. click here to discover their list of French pastries. No problem, every boulangerie in France will sell it. Salut Geraldine. Je préfère le millefeuille, mais ce que je trouve rigolo, c’est les noms de certaines, p.e. Est-ce que poli à manger avec mes doigts et après lècher les doigts couvert avec le glaçage? Finally, there are thousands of French pastries that French people don’t even know. Last edited on 21 September 2020, at 23:14, List of French dishes – common desserts and pastries,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 September 2020, at 23:14. Pour moi, à toute heure du jour ou de la nuit!!! Portugal has their little round pastéis de nata, Britain a good ‘ol trifle and in Paris, a slice of flan is probably one of the only things you’ll see people eating on the street. This is a list of desserts from the French cuisine. Despite the very specific French vocabulary name for this pastry, it’s not really made of a thousand sheets – but “only” 729, with the way puff pastry is made! It’s a small pastry, longer rather than wide, made with la pâte à choux (= choux pastry) and filled with la crème pâtissière (= pastry cream). The body of the eclair is made from choux dough, which is a light pastry dough that is also used to make crullers and beignets, the classic, deep-fried doughnut of New Orleans’ fame. Those that I like best, however, are la tartelette au citron (= lemon tart), especially la tartelette au citron meringué (= small lemon tart with une meringue on top), and la tartelette au chocolat (= chocolate tart). Bienvenue sur Comme une Française. Click here to learn more about Insider French. Sweets are usually served after a several-course meal and come out just after the cheeses. Even though the tarte tatin originated in France in the 1880s, country-specific varieties of this tasty pastry can be found the world over. Eclairs are available in many creative combinations, including a chocolate pastry with coffee cream. French pastry tarts are pate sucree shells filled with a versatile filling from lemon curd to a coffee cream. Would you like to learn about French culture and improve your French at the same time? Not headed to Paris? Ils sont delicieuses, mais tres fattening! Quand j’étais en France cette année avec mon mari et notre amie nous avons mangé beaucoup de pâtisseries parce que en France c’est impossible de passer avant une pâtisserie ou une boulangerie sans acheter un beau gâteau ou du pain. What is your favorite pastry? It’s not just slang. J’ai déjà acheté trois de vos excellentes séries et je suis toujours en train d’apprendre des leçons. She wrote a short story that appears in John Maxwell’s “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.” She writes reviews and nonfiction for Longridge Writer’s Group. Sinon, avec une cuillère ou une fourchette à dessert. Students love it!

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