However, in some cuisines you are not as well versed and so extra care and research needs to be done to make sure things are attributed correctly. Could you use self-rising flour instead of the flour and baking powder and if so, how much? Recipes you want to make. We are out of soft pita and can’t get our hands on yeast. Hi there, I posted my review a little while back with a question, thought I would post again. But oil is put into the dough to make it softer and more pliable. This makes enough for 8 flatbreads (each person in my family of 4 ate 2), so I would definitely double it for leftovers next time. I am afraid that even with a bread machine I’d still not get to it!! Would you please share the style and source of the beautiful towel that’s covering the dough? xx, Love this recipe. I call them little doughy discs of goodness :). I made these today to go with lunch and oh my gosh, so delicious. I added extra flour while kneeling and it turned out fine. Coiling them?- but they came together really quickly. Offered to Krsna as part of Bhakti Yoga, and literally an amazing result! To revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories. Thank you so much for a great recipe! I made these last night to eat with Lula kebabs….fantastic! Many thanks for the recipe and ideas. Definitely one to make again. What do you think?? I cooked them in & brushed them with ghee which I would 100% recommend. You can definitely give it more time but I wouldn’t give it less. A lovely, heart-warming, mouth-watering concoction. Most sort of “flat breads” I have tried to roll out (naan, tortillas, etc.) Thank you for the wonderful recipes!! These were crazy easy. Whatever these are, I loved finding this recipe on Deb’s blog, I loved making them, and my family and guest and I absolutely loved eating them. I was determined to get it right so bought all fresh ingredients yesterday. These really could not be easier and they taste fantastic! For more of a paratha structure, you can cut a slit into the circle of dough (as if you were cutting along the radius) after its rolled out, then wrap up into a cone shape, turn it so it’s standing like a birthday hat and smush down into a circle before rolling out again! Thank you! We had them with a vegetarian Red curry soup. Thanks, Nancy! I mean, they’re delicious, I just didn’t find it necessary and video-ed it both ways. The ones we ate right away were amazing. probably gonna throw some garlic in the butter, as well. They were delicious. I have been following your site and receiving your newsletter (literally the only food-related newsletter I receive and I LOVE to cook–but rarely use recipes) for no less than a decade but I will use my first comment to tell you how much I love these flatbreads. I found no breads that were all of these things at once: yeast-free, with yogurt, and baking powder, and spiraled, so I merged these things together to create my own. I’d rather not waste it though if I can help it. Wow! I added a little buckwheat flour for the taste, I wil say that while they’re quick compared to a risen yeast bread, with the two standing periods they took more time than I had at first airily imagined, so add DO read the instructions *including the preparation time* unless you too want to be surprised. I use 1.5 teaspoons baking powder for 1 cup flour, so it’s a bit higher here, but I think you’ll be okay. Oh yes. I find that when I dust the flatbreads with flour instead the flour either burns and tastes awful. When I “make my own” self-rising flour, I use a higher proportion of baking powder, but I also did a round of testing here with double the amount of baking powder I listed (accidentally) and it was fine. Thank you! But what I mean is that I don't bake bread. BUT, they never got Flat! The ones that were in the oven were nearly ruined. They turned out really well! The core of scallion pancakes [and, updated to add, other flatbreads such as parathas, parottas, roti canai, and malawach] is also a simple, yeast-free, dough, also kneaded and left to rest before you roll it out. Can these be baked in an oven? They are definitely addictive – in fact, last night my husband complained because when I made a batch to photograph he didn’t get any!! You're amazing!"). family loved them, so that’s what really matters. I made a version of these flatbreads too: Think of this as an amazing opportunity to grow while exploring a fabulous culture and diverse food tradition with your readers. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Followed the recipe precisely and was very pleased with the outcome. GREG. Thanks for the recipe. Sometimes there’s baking powder, sometimes there’s not. This blog generates income via ads. Thanks for this recipe. Hello Denese!! It took about 7 minutes total. You might want higher heat to get them toasty bottom. I’d be grateful for any suggestions/solutions. As you can see, our photo of this particular flatbread recipe comes with beautiful heirloom tomatoes and a yogurt sauce on top, but I don't recommend doing that unless it's peak tomato season. Perhaps taking a scallion pancake recipe and just omitting the scallions? Allison [Girl's Guide to Social Media] says. Yogurt flatbreads also make a nice appetizer served as part of a mezze platter, or served with spreads to slather on them – think goat cheese. Super delicious even on their own as a snack! Even leftovers were great reheated wrapped in foil the next day, including the one that got a little too crisp because it sat in the oven warming a but too long. Divide dough into 8 pieces and roll into balls. Light and fluffy flatbreads are great for serving with dips, curries, soups and stews. Now I have to decide what I am making to go with!

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