The product specifications page will list the fryer that each part fits, so you can be certain you're getting the right one. Genuine Bissell supplied replacement part for a variety of Carpet Cleaners. NRE # 033401 --- Price Per Coaial Thermopile = US$64.06, Dean Fryer, 36" Armored, 2 Lead Thermopile, With PG9 Adapter (2EA) Pilot Orifices 1/4" CCT Pilot Out, 3.5" Water Colum (Preset) Dean, 36" Armored Thermopile With PG9 Adapter 2-1/4" Dial, Mount .187", Flat Up Temprature Range: Off-400-200 Dean Reference # 807-3516 For Dean Fryer Model: SR62 Series (And Others) '&m='+m:'';e.async=!0;e.src=''+s+d;f.parentNode.insertBefore(e,f);})(window,document,'script','paypalDDL','4f867f81-11c0-4acd-9f82-104b25788ccb'). This is a 2 wire cord, 29 inches long. NRE # 130138 --- Price Dean Orifice = US$13.66, French Fry Basket, 13-1/4"x 6-1/2"x 5-7/8" $778.00. Dean Reference # 810-2063 2 sold. 1/4" MPT x 2-1/8" Long, Drilled To #52 Temperature Range: 200 - 400 Degrees F For Dean Fryer Model: 1414GM (And Others) For Dean Fryer Models: SR62 (And Others) NEW 75 LB Fryer Liquid Propane Heavy Duty Burners Stainless Atosa ATFS-75 #3055. Popular Parts. NRE # 033420 --- Price Per Conversion Kit = US$162.68, Dean Fryer LP To Natural Gas Conversion Kit For Dean Fryers built before April, 2007 Dean KX Type Dip Sealed Thermostat Temprature Range: Off-400-350-300-250-200 For Dean Fryer Series: SR42, SR52, SR62 KaTom carries a selection of deep fryer accessories intended to expand your fryer's capabilities and make various aspects of the frying process more convenient. Fryer covers prevent wayward hands and debris from entering still-hot oil when the fryer is not in use, and splash guards keep scalding oil from escaping the cooking compartment. A commercial gas deep fryer is perfect for any high-volume diner, cafeteria, or quick service restaurant. $833.04 . Dean Reference # 807-1187 *****KIT CONTAINS***** (1EA) Honeywell Gas Valve Conversion Kit Dial And Screw For 700 Series Gas Pilot Safey Valves 1/4" MPT x 2-1/8" Long, Drilled To #53 NRE # 033402 --- Price Per KX Type Thermostat = US$198.46, Dean Fryer LC117 Type Safety Thermostat With Auto Reset Its normally on the back of the unit, Buy Now. Over time the contact will ware with unplugging and plugging into the appliance. NRE # 033420K --- Price Per Conversion Kit = US$154.16, Dean Natural To LP Gas Conversion Kit | 11/26/2020 12:43am | 305 KaTom Drive, Kodak, TN 37764 | 800.541.8683 |, Frymaster GPCRB, GPCR, GPCB, & GPC Pasta Cookers (1). Have a rusty, old, or damaged handle on your gas grill that needs replacing? (4EA) Orifices Fryer Parts and Accessories. (4EA) Orifices NOTES: (1)-This Replaces All Solid Style Hangers Dean Reference # 826-2017 Copyright 2001-2020 All Rights Reserved worldwide Dial Range: Off-Pilot-On We specialize in hard to find Food Service parts, for out of business companies such as ,W.A. 3/4 Inch FPT Gas In/Out LOCAL PICKUP, Serving Rocky Mount , NC 27804, NRE # 033425 --- Price Per Conversion Kit = US$147.22, Dean Fryer LP To Natural Gas Conversion Kit 5/16" x 3-5/8" Nickel Bulb, 36" Capillary When replacing this part its suggested to make sure the posts on the appliance are clean and not damaged. Casters are handy deep fryer accessories that enable the unit to be moved, but not all fryers can utilize them. Dean Reference # 826-2013, # 826-1204, # 826-2557, # 807-3515 Temperature Range: 200 - 400 Degrees F Floor fryers are designed for more heavy-duty use than smaller countertop models, allowing you to continuously prepare onion rings, french fries, chicken wings, and other fried foods. 5.5 - 12 Inch WC, 1/2 PSI MJCFE, MJCFEC, (And Others) Honeywell Reference # VS820A1815 Learn to replace the burners on your Char-Broil grill in a matter of minutes. This part connects to the male posts on the different appliances. Copyright © 2020 Inc. Quick Fix: How to Replace the Handle on a Gas Grill, Quick Fix: How to Replace the Burners on a Char-Broil Tru-Infrared Gas Grill. NRE # 033404 --- Price Per Drain Nipple = US$72.96, Dean 2" Dial Face Candy/Deep Fryer Thermometer Dean Reference # 810-2400 Dean Fryer RX Type Operating Thermostat For Dean Fryer Model: SR42G (After Feburary 2003) D-35, LLG, M-35, M-40GM, This is a genuine Presto replacement part. Dean Natural To LP Gas Conversion Kit, SR62 Series Dean Fryer LP Gas Burner Orifice NRE # 033430 --- Price Per Conversion Kit = US$147.22, Dean Fryer Natural To LP Gas Conversion Kit (1EA) 3/4" Pipe Appliance Regulator For Dean Fryer Series: SR (Including SR42G, SR142G, SR242G, SR342G) Preset 11" Water Colum (Adjustable 8" To 12") NRE # 130134 --- Price Dean Fryer Orifice = US$13.66, Dean Fryer LP Gas Burner Orifice Racks that are used inside the fryer to hold up fry baskets are also called support racks since they help operators control the depth of their fry baskets. (5EA) Burner Orifices 1/4" Nickel Stuffing Box, Bracket Type 7 Enter your 10-digit phone number below to be sent a code for special pricing. NRE # 030665 --- Price Per LP Gas Regulator = US$40.96, Dean Fryer Nat Gas Safety Valve Regulator LP Gas Pressure Regulator For Dean Fryers

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