Products with moderate and high processing concerns generally have more artificial ingredients, more ingredients that have been significantly modified from whole foods, and more ingredients overall. We’re confident this packaging that contains BPA is safe and we hope you enjoy it. King Oscar Norwegian:  All products. LabelINSIGHT transcribes label information from product packaging pictures. Bumble Bee needs to stop talking about sustainability and act to put responsibly-caught tuna in its flagship brand’s cans. To look up a particular product see: Your email address will not be published. I had no idea about the affects of BPA and the different brands that are potentially harming my family however, I am really delighted to see that Pediasure uses BPA free cans as I give my little ones this product regularly. In the 2010 study, ‘No Silver Lining‘, food from 50 cans collected from 19 US states and Ontario, Canada were tested for BPA contamination. Wegman’s:  Private label tomatoes, peaches, fruit cocktail and apricot. The first applied coating has some BPA in it. Once the item has been accepted it will be deemed to be the correct item and in good working condition. To Clip Coupons Please Join BJ's and experience the savings millions of Members already enjoy. Please contact BJ’s Member Care and we will be able to assist you. For more information on processing concerns, read our full methodology. The product score is based on weighted scores for nutrition, ingredient and processing concerns. While this is not related to cans,it is interesting to know: dangers other than food packaging!!!!!….. A product with label information last recorded more than a year ago is marked with an * identifying it as an older product. Ocean Brands:  Salmon, tuna, oyster, crab, snackit, snack n lunch and fish salads. Whole Foods: Some ‘365 Everyday Value’ beans and other products not listed above. For more information on ingredient concerns, read methodology. If you receive an incorrect product, please review your order information to be certain that there were no errors in the order process. 37.0 g74.0 g (1x)111.0 g148.0 g (2x)222.0 g (3x)296.0 g (4x), † Institute of Medicine. A Response from Bush’s Baked Beans on 07/20/2017: Thank you for contacting us regarding our BUSH’S® products. Four cans of each of the common Thanksgiving staples: Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup, Campbell’s Turkey Gravy, Carnation Evaporated Milk (by Nestle), Del Monte Fresh Cut Sweet Corn (Cream Style), Green Giant Cut Green Beans (by General Mills), Libby’s Pumpkin (by Nestle) and Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce were purchased. It’s a three-for-one hit.” The rhesus’ reproductive system are most human-like of any mammal and were tested with BPA levels similar to those in humans. I wouldn’t know what to do if I couldn’t give my children Pediasure anymore because I believe it helps them so much with their development physically and mentally! In the event that your returned merchandise was mis-shipped, damaged or defective, BJ’s Member Care team will be happy to reimburse you for return shipping costs. Researchers analyzed the urine of seventy-five people for BPA. The results showed a tremendous variability in BPA levels in the canned foods tested, from non-detectable to 221 parts per billion. Eden Foods has been doing that for more than a decade and they estimate an initial additional cost of 2.2 cents per can (until a safer, cheaper, more natural solution comes to light). Please review it and click the “Return”" link next to the item you would like to return. Return Shipping Costs The lack of disclosure is a public right to know issue and especially concerning to people with unusual food allergies or on restricted diets. We began converting our packaging several years ago, and several of our brands have been in non-BPA lined packaging for some time. Jewelry and watches purchased in-Club after 8/3/2017. Pick the Membership tier that fits your lifestyle, To clip coupon,please join BJ's and experience. ‘Pomi‘ Brand and Hunt’s Chopped tomatoes in tetra-paks are becoming more widely available. In the cans the EWG tested, the EWG found a single serving contained enough BPA to expose a woman or infant to levels more than 200 times the government’s safe level of exposure for industrial chemicals. Most-popular: Punjabi Chhole (Chickpeas with Potatoes and Onions). These Brands Use BPA Free Cans. BJ’s Member Care Representatives are available Monday - Friday, 9AM - 7PM. American Tuna: All canned tuna.. Amy’s: All products.Most-popular are their lentil soup, refried beans, and chili.. Baby Formulas and Food: Beech Nut, Enfamil, Gerber, Baby’s Only, Pedialyte, PediaSure, and Similac are now all in BPA-free packaging. Pillar Rock:  All canned fish, known for their canned salmon. If I am contacting EWG on behalf of a company, by clicking "submit," I affirm that I have the authority to contact EWG on my company's behalf and to provide EWG permission to publicly disseminate all information provided. Accessed April 8, 2014: link. You are welcome to copy and paste this example if you would like. Protein is found in high amounts in beans, nuts, eggs, seafood and meat. Name Wild Planet Wild Mackerel Fillets-No BPA. I have products I want to add to the database Proper Conditions for Return and Credit How about an e-mail to those companies you purchase canned food from? Top Findings If you do not receive an email with complete return instructions within 3-5 business days, please contact us at 866-4BJS-WEB (866-425-7932). Great to see that Pediasure and the other brands mentioned are doing things the right way with BPA free cans . However, some cans with the earlier coating may still be found in stores. Bumble Bee: Tuna and sardines canned in the US. A search for a lid for the glass jars again confirmed ‘there’s no such thing as the perfect food package.’ Regardless, we found the best there is. Ingredient List What we should be asking is “is the plastic lining of your container leaching ANYTHING into the food?”. Required fields are marked *. This product has 1 ingredient with concerns as well as some contamination concerns: Estimates how much the food has been processed. Contains ingredients that may contribute small amounts of unhealthy artificial trans fats: Soy Bean Oil [read more], Excellent source of naturally occurring calcium [read more]. I have a certification listed on my product packaging, but it isn't reflected in your database. Vital Choice:  Canned salmon, albacore tuna, sardines and mackerel. We encourage you to renew your membership and contine shopping to get great deals and great service!

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