Roundwound strings were a key element in the trend toward louder, more aggressive music, and they dominated the market through the late ’80s. Receive news and offers from our other brands? Recently discovered your basses via Ebay and was intrigued. Integrated rechargeable battery with USB power output to charge... Plug-in égaliseur avec contrôleur matériel USB Égaliseur 12 bandes basé sur la console Midas Heritage 3000, Fonctionnement stéréo, L/R et M/S possible, Offre des filtres Bell paramétriques complets, des filtres Cut et Shelf et un égaliseur de phase, Analyse... Ensemble de plugins Crossgrade depuis n'importe quel produit iZotope / Exponential Audio payant vers Tonal Balance Bundle Outils logiciels professionnels pour la production, le mixage et le mastering, Formats pris en charge (64 bits uniquement) : VST2... Nous apprécions vos commentaires et mettons tout en œuvre afin de résoudre les problèmes le plus rapidement possible. The La Bella 760-series flats can be generally described as full and punchy, with a taut feel. The Rotosound Jazz 77 set is available in short-, medium-, long-, and extra-long scale lengths, and the Roto website has a very handy scale and string-length chart to help you choose the correct set. I had that fixed and are very satisfied with the bass. D'Addario chromes are on the radar for a try... Go with a heavier guage unless you like floppy, low tension strings. I would like the most bass sound possible. If you don't get on with them, I'll buy them off you. I've just taken some Labella 760F-MUS off my Mustang; they sound great on the Precision but a bit flabby and loose on the Mustang. Sold as part of its Deep Talkin’ Bass series, La Bella now makes flatwounds in gauges ranging from extra-light (.039"–.096") to the stout set that Jamerson used (.052" through .110".). Hi Scott The Fender Mustang PJ bass, hands down, is one of the best short scale bass guitars out there. Very classic, vintage tone but I don't like these on dark sounding basses, it can get a bit muddy. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Shall be following from now on. Horses for courses. 95 Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 18 FREE … Bob Archigian of La Bella once told me that James Jamerson sent back a broken string, hoping it could be welded back together - some players get very attached to their flats. The Legends are definitively old-school in character, but they manage to strike the perfect balance between clunk and intonation on the E string. By I find the E string to be particularly dead-sounding. I love em, always liked short scale for my wee hands. I’m and old f**k who already had short arms and fingers and had played my priceless old Precision for years. I want to try it in drop C tuning. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon, Boutique Bass Strings for every player and style, DR Strings PURE BLUES Bass Guitar Strings (PB-45), DR Strings Hi-Beam - Stainless Steel Round Core 45-105, DR Strings Bass Strings, Black Beauties - Extra-Life, Black-Coated. You won't find any other strings that sound even remotely close to these ones. In the 1970s, use of flatwound strings began to dwindle as the crisp bite and increased sustain of roundwounds became the new standard for bass tone. I have Status half-wound on my Duesenberg, which seems like a good compromise between thump and definition. -TI Jazz Flats: Very hit or miss depending on the bass in my experiece. It needs thick strings and enough tension otherwise it keeps on buzzing on the frets or you have to raise the action so high that its really no fun to play it at all. $84.70. Im looking strings for a five-strings short scale bass of 30′, any idea? They need to be heavier guage for a 30" scale. The real shortscale one with original Gibson three studs bridge. I'll probably never buy them again because of this which is a shame because they sound really great. , Please send me an email on and I’ll send you my mailing address…, Need flatwound & Brite flats for a Jaguar VM short scale bass.Suggestions please. For most manufacturers, short scale is 30", medium scale is 32", long scale is 34", and extra-long scale is 35" and above; however, there are design elements that can influence what scale length your bass requires. Not many seems to take this into account, but as said it is basic physics, and I can confirm from own first hand experience with string instruments of all kind of different scales that this in fact also is effectively true in practice. what would you recommend for SQ Jaguar Special? The next best string IMO for the SG are the SS D’Addario Chromes in 45-100 or the medium-scale Nylon Tapewounds in 50-105, provided you don’t mind the black strings. Please feel free to email me at on if you have any questions. I use them on three short scale basses. They are highly polished, giving them a silky feel under the hand. Most 5 or 6 string models are 35″ or “extra/super long scale“ Short scale (30.0″/30.5″) basses are much less common. (Bass Player) 10 July 2020, Get one of the most iconic bass tones ever with our pick of flatwound bass guitar strings. Some manufacturers seem to simply make their strings shorter or longer depending upon the scale whereas others use a thicker core for their short scale strings. -TI Jazz Rounds: Amazing sounding strings but even the TI Jazz Flats are stiff by comparison! Tension does not equal stiffness, tension influences on stiffness, yes, but so does scale length, hence, as I said in my initial post, it's a question of finding the right balance between those factors, respectively being the relation between scale length/string gauge and stiffness/tension. It wasn’t until 1962 that Rotosound developed the first round-wound strings for electric bass - the famed Swing Bass 66 set.   Your previous content has been restored. 1.099 € Classement 4329 . Hi Scott I recently purchased a short scale ’76 Rickenbacker 3000 bass, and I’m looking for the best flatwound strings to use? The gauges are the same as the long scale set except for the E-string which is much heavier gauge. Copyright © All the good names are taken ltd. Do you think they would work well on a Mustang? Due to the short scale, this model is likewise suitable for beginners or full-time guitarists, who may also want to... Electric Bass Limited edition, Body: Alder, Bolt-on neck: Maple, Fretboard: Pau Ferro, Black Dots fretboard inlays, Neck profile: C, Scale length: 762 mm (30"), Fretboard radius: 241 mm (9.49"), Nut width: 38.1 mm (1.5"), Synthetic bone nut, 19 Medium... Disponible habituellement sous 6-8 semaines. They''re also wound to the exact length I need so the wrap round the tuner doesn't upset the witness point on the nut. Which is a shame because I like the tone. Pyramid Golds use a pure nickel flat ribbon for the outer wraps, and have a supple feel and richness of tone that some have described as 'luxurious'. I fit these on all my basses - 34", 32", 30". I’m out in Greece halfway up a mountain so internet shopping is my only choice which doesn’t help. Take your time doing it – there is a risk you could damage the string although I’ve done this countless times with no problem whatsoever. A quick but important note – some manufacturers produce short-scale bass strings that only work on 30″ scale basses. I am working on converting a short scale bass into a piccolo bass. . Bundle offer comprising Harley Benton Beatbass VS Vintage Series Electric Bass, Design: Hollowbody, Arched body: Basswood, Top: Flamed maple, Cream-coloured binding on the body, Neck: Maple, Neck attachment: Set-in, Neck profile: C, Fretboard: Amaranth, Fretboard inlays: Dot, 22... Electric Bass Body: Alder, Top: Flamed maple, Neck: Maple, Fretboard: Maple, Neck profile: C, Scale: 762 mm (short scale), Nut width: 38 mm, 20 Medium Small Frets, Pickups: Marcus Super Jazz (bridge) and Marcus Super Precision (neck) single coils,... Disponible habituellement sous 15-19 semaines, Electric Bass Body: Okume, Neck: Maple, Fretboard: New Zealand pine, Scale: 726 mm (short scale), 22 Medium frets, Pickups: Dynamix P/J-style single coils, B10 Bridge, Chrome hardware, Colour: Walnut flat, Suitable case: Article no.

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