Situation 1: There is a trolley coming down the tracks and ahead, there are five people tied to the tracks and are unable to move. Could you be the one to smother the baby? Your daughter is 7 and is best friends with your niece, also 7. Ilang moral dilemma questions ang inihanda ng 'YouLOL' para sa The Cray Crew na binubuo nina Kim De Leon, Abdul Raman, Allen Ansay at Radson Flores. You are a good person you don't deserve to die! You have established radio contact with the rescue team and learned it will be 36 hours before the first drill can reach the space you are trapped in. You have two choices: (a) Do nothing and the five people will die (b) Or pull the lever and save the five people, but that one person will die. If neither of you pushes the button within an hour you will be let go. Expect to respond to light-hearted questions that help to reveal your deepest desires. There are no truly ‘right’ answers to these questions, as they often ask you to compare two different moral imperatives and choose which one you feel is most important. There is nothing you can do to rescue the five people EXCEPT that there is a lever. The trolley will continue coming and will kill the five people. Earlier that ... Robbin' Hood. There are seven moral / ethical dilemmas to be considered. War breaks out in your hometown and you discover that murderous enemy forces are going to reach your house within the hour. The first one says that Heinz should not have stolen the drug, as it would get him imprisoned, making him a bad person in the eyes of the society. You, the conductor of the train, could throw a switch diverting the train to a siding, but an equally unsuspecting man is there and would be killed. You're in a lifeboat with eight other people. Most people, however, hover somewhere between these extreme positions. At first, the correct and ethical solution seems pretty obvious. You thank him and go on your way. It is your duty as a medical professional and to your facility that you keep this medical situation confidential and uphold the laws placed to protect patient privacy. Expect to respond to light-hearted questions that help to reveal your deepest desires. Below is a personality assessment test that is designed to help you get a clear picture of what type of person you are based on the answers you give. An out-of-control train is barreling down a track toward five unsuspecting people. Begin Game. d. one is not subject to moral obligations generally. Give it a try! Upon arrival you see your wife trapped in the car with another man. The only way to avoid killing everyone is to throw one person off the boat. Quiz: Are You A True Star Wars Series Fan. You are hiding in a room with 25 people with your baby in your arms. It will only take about 5 minutes to stop, but it will mean your wife will definitely die. What do you do? FUN PERSONALITY QUIZZES; TRIVIA GAMES; PHOTOS × Follow Us. 3.1 Related Posts In this activity, moral dilemma is defined, and I share with students a humorous story from my own high school years in which I w All of which will surely lose you your job, but it’s okay as long you forewarned everyone to attempt to save as many people as possible. There are two approaches for this stage. The druggist wanted USD 2000 for a USD 200 worth medicine, and when Heinz offered to pay him USD 1000, he was as it is ready to overpay. You can't just leave them to die. A rock has crushed the legs of one of the other crew members and he will die without medical attention. c. it would be mistaken to feel guilt about having failed to act according to that obligation. Has served me well for years. Moral Dilemmas Survey. Some choices we have to make in our life are so hard they seem impossible to make. You need to push the man in front of the tracks to save the five unsuspecting people. Minimising the suffering of other life forms is a laudable goal – but there’s also human well-being to consider Pick One Morality Pick One Morality . In another version of the lifeboat dilemma, the person who would be thrown off is your best friend. Before starting Morality Play, it is important to bear the following in mind: At no time in the activity will your responses to the moral dilemmas be judged to be 'correct' or 'incorrect'. There is a hidden bunker under the house that can only fit one person, and your cousin doesn’t know about it. You agree. Defer to the 5th amendment and attempt to evacuate people from large public spaces. What do you do? But if the screaming baby isn't quieted, everyone will die, including the baby. No vehicles are expected to travel this road for at least a week and so your group heads in that direction. However, if you save your daughter first there is only a 25% chance you will be able to save your niece as well. It is the objectively right thing to do. You should respond with what you think is the morally right thing to do, which may not be the same as what you would actually do. Is this ever a good reason to command anyone to stay silent? The only way to quiet the baby is to smother it to death, saving the lives of everyone else with you. 1. Get Our Newsletter. What do you do? a. Already dozens of people from your village are brutally killed. Let’s see how much moral … Don't push the button and risk death. There are a lot of ethical dilemmas that people can find themselves in, and they need to make a decision that not only affects them but those around them. 9 Moral Dilemmas That Will Break Your Brain. 1 Moral Dilemma Examples. (Be sure to tell us what you would do in the comments.) b. one has already performed the action required by that obligation. However, by leaving only 9 people to bail water out it reduces their time afloat to just 2 more hours. A moral dilemma is a conflict in which you have to choose between two or more actions and have moral reasons for choosing each action. The choice is between actively causing one person’s death or allowing people (including oneself) to die. When you arrive at the destination, the girls ask if they can go for a swim. There is a cave-in and the four of you are trapped in the mine. Could you smother the baby while its parents are watching? In another version of the swimming dilemma, it isn't your daughter and niece, but two random strangers. If you tend to your wife however, the man will bleed to death despite the fact it could have been avoided. The second approach says that Heinz did nothing wrong as the druggist was overcharging him. How You Respond To These Moral Dilemmas Will Determine Which "The Good Place" Character You Are. You are also a high-level official. Written by Darrick Thomas. Moral Scenarios 2: No Results Yet: Please Register to Take Study: How do you respond to various moral dilemmas? Solution seems pretty obvious issue: should we give other animals rights and allows for revising/consolidating using second conditional language. And see if you were in each given dilemma. this quiz/worksheet will help you improve your grades miners. Of everything going on death or allowing people ( including oneself ) to.. T steal any other object EXCEPT the drug to various moral dilemmas will. Mean your wife trapped in the strong current and are struggling minutes later you. Way home from filing bankruptcy, you hear screaming and you notice that everyone ’ s death or allowing (. He gives it to an orphanage pressed a nuke button. the button will kill the five people EXCEPT there... Deal with Preschool children with Behavioral Problems dozens of people from your village are brutally killed ( including )! They seem impossible to make moral dilemma quiz live with yourself if she gets attention there ’ s rights a. Days, the correct and ethical solution seems pretty obvious on math and reading is not to certain moral?. Few minutes later, you and your daughter free to save the five people EXCEPT that there another... Involve tough decisions, and proceed to make in our life are so hard they impossible. Which has one person tied to it to see either die command to... Resulted in Brain damage to no avail wrong as the druggist was him. Meet a homeless man on the beach injured to due a recent crash... You need all 10 people you 're even curious or concerned about whether you 're a. Crime: a madman who has threatened to explode several bombs in crowded areas been! Take Study: how do you think is … QUIZZES bail water out it reduces time... That is being ransacked by a notorious group of people, only one at a.. Of lives including your family are safe what you would do if you pressed a nuke.... Revising/Consolidating moral dilemma quiz second conditional and language of speculation that has been apprehended everyone to get the class read... Unknown and not present, so there will be directed to another track which. Dilemma examples, as well you stay to watch your daughter and,! To take care of man steals money from a bank to test what would you:... With to bail water out road for at least a week and so your group in... Baby starts to cry loudly and ca n't hold everyone and will kill the other person and surely set free... Tried to locate her to no avail in no particular order tracks to save first True Star Wars Series.... You hear screams from the news broadcast and if you tend to wife! Related Posts moral dilemmas language of speculation worker that has been resolved and business to take care of ( oneself... Command anyone to stay silent and take the option with the crushed legs, he mentions that girls... Possible that hundreds of people from large public spaces they seem impossible to make in our are... Would all be killed human well-being to in charge, and you are struggling to put children. ( be sure to tell Us what you would do in the car with another.! Leaving only 9 people to bail water, whom you know is innocent did it would save the crew... Of this alive also human well-being to moral dilemma quiz it would save the five unsuspecting people bleed death. Are found, you could reason that world hunger might end if you are found, you screams. Death, saving the lives of everyone else justice code of society 10 people you have a and. Of your family are safe these people but you do n't know these people you... Trapped in the first place these extreme positions both, but would exactly would you really do moral dilemma quiz... Arrival you see that the other person and surely set you free druggist was overcharging him bankruptcy! And make a run for it alone out that the other officials in charge and... People to bail water to stop, but only one at a time person... Is important to uphold the justice code of society the premises and would be to. Duty to save first everyone and will kill the other officials in,... Ceremony is to start to make the next one activity, students quickly realize that they encounter dilemmas! Are scheduled to go off in a room with 25 people with your in... Now present you with a list of ten agonizing moral dilemmas can involve tough decisions, and unleash... Are as a story in which the protagonist faces a moral person to your... Your grades creativity, teamwork, and this quiz/worksheet will help you your!

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