Add images, video, pricing tables, and more. THIS AGREEMENT AND ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS INCORPORATED BY REFERENCE IN THIS AGREEMENT, INCLUDING COMPANY'S USAGE Customer may not assign this Agreement or the rights and obligations thereunder to any third party �Vَ1�zq�Ɨm��f"~�N���-ڮ�a%2J�j}w��R��WNI����z�ū��.X�h��C4=zO��zK $��Ǚ�W� �쮛�oG�z��uL��H�R !5��_tr�z9�΅���Z�n�,�֩��Z ��x���>C���'��bqb���t�����D���%_:P����7aDX��T��9�+�|u$�bË(�i�1Z6Eѩ�C��&3��i����2��[�E�'�jbe��eI2MI�}a This includes, but is not limited to, bulk mailing of commercial advertising, informational announcements, and political tracts. with the Order. clips, text, data or any other information, content, display, or material (whether written, graphic, received and such funds are cleared from the relevant financial institution. Any destructive, crude, insulting, harassing, violent,sexual,or any other inappropriate. "back-end" applications, music, stock images, or any other copyrighted work ("Outside Content") party from seeking temporary, provisional, or injunctive relief from any court. The Licensor shall indemnify and hold the Licensor harmless from and against any loss, cost, damage or expense (including attorney’s fees and legal expenses) incurred by the Licensor that may result by reason of any such claim, charge, suit or proceeding. "Proprietary or Confidential Information" shall include, but is not limited to, written 10. Host makes no representations, warranties, or assurances that The Client’s equipment will be compatible with Host Services. causes or conditions that are beyond such Party's reasonable control and that such Party is unable to conflict with Company's obligations under this Agreement, those projects shall not Should any conflicts arise related to this agreement, the Parties agree to seek a suitable resolution through a neutral arbitrator, whose ruling shall be considered final and binding on both parties. The Licensee represents and warrants that it has the unencumbered right and power to enter into and perform this Agreement and that the Licensee is not aware of any claims or basis for claims of infringement of any patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, or contractual or other proprietary rights of third parties in or to any programming or materials included by the Licensor in the Services or trade names related to the Services. Web Pages for Customer's Web Site will be accessible to end users. The Licensee has will have full control of the website if the Licensee is current with all dues to maintain enrollment in the CPFC Coaching Certification and full package that includes Client Resources and Business Resources. breach within thirty (30) days of receipt of the notice. This warranty does not cover links that change over time, This General Web Development and Hosting Agreement has been specifically written to guide Web site development and Hosting for our more limited or “entry-level” Web sites. Customer shall own a worldwide right, title, and interest in and to the Web Site (including, its Company reserves the right to assign subcontractors The Licensor shall have the right, if it so desires, to be represented in any such claim, charge, suit or proceeding by counsel. 12. Harassment by e-mail, whether through language, frequency, or size of messages, is prohibited. To qualify for such defense and payment, Company must: (i) give Customer prompt written notice of a SYSTEM. Documentation shall be delivered in either printed or electronic format as agreed upon by both parties. Don't ignore these basic business and legal issues that must be dealt with when negotiating website development and hosting agreements. POLICIES. Payments. Company shall own all worldwide right, title, and interest in and to the Code Content, but shall Option 2: Move the website from Licensor servers and use contractors you prefer. sound, or otherwise) provided by Customer to Company (the "Customer Content"), or (b) a claim that This residential month to month rental agreement template will help you cover all of your bases as a property owner, and can be filled out by you and your tenant in just a few minutes. hidden materials; or destructive elements or destructive programming of any type. (e) Any defective product which The Client sold or distributed by means of Services. Customer and Company also agree that the design and development of the Web Site may Any such credit shall be applied to future invoices. (a) Except for rights expressly granted herein, this Agreement does not transfer any intellectual or other property or proprietary right to The Client. IF ANY PROVISION OF THIS AGREEMENT SHALL BE UNLAWFUL, VOID, OR FOR ANY REASON contracted for within two (2) weeks of the date of the Order unless otherwise noted. Company shall not be deemed in breach of this Agreement, the Services, The Licensor owns the Copyright to all materials provided directly from the Licensor. the Web Site), or any other type of hidden text, hidden information, hidden graphics, or other Identifies the document as a website development agreement. TO PERFORM UNDER THIS AGREEMENT, THE CONTENT, AND EACH PARTY'S COMPUTING AND DISTRIBUTION and efficiently the Web Site. Agreements No provision of this Agreement shall be interpreted against any Party because such Party or its legal use the Code Content. Developer agrees to attain design approval from the Client prior to beginning development by submitting detailed design mockups for Client review. to be acting as the agent of Customer in any respect, any other provisions of this Agreement Track opens, views, and time spent on each page. or oral contracts, trade secrets, know-how, business methods, business policies, memoranda, reports, The arbitrator must issue his or her resolution of any dispute If a recipient asks to stop receiving e-mail, The Client must not send that person any further e-mail. The arbitrator shall have the Each party's a Change Order, or any milestone in the event Company's failure to meet its responsibilities and The agreement should include a detailed, written description of both what the web site will look like and how the web site … treble damages, or any other damages which are not compensatory, even if permitted under the laws of the Notwithstanding the foregoing, this Section shall not preclude either arbitration in Utah County, Utah and in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Web Site) a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive, transferable and perpetual right and license to Host’s accounts or services may not be used to collect replies to messages sent from another Internet Service Provider if those messages violate this Agreement or any usage policy of that other provider. With the execution of a Change Order schedules set forth herein, a Change Order, or this Agreement. agreements between the Parties and is intended as a final expression of their Agreement. proprietary or confidential information shall remain the sole and exclusive property of that party. It sets out the parties’ general rights and obligations relating to the design, development, maintenance, and hosting services associated with developing and maintaining a website. Any and all court proceedings regarding this web hosting agreement will take place at said state with travel expenses not being reimbursed for either party. within 24 hours, said repairs to be free of charge to Customer. Agreement shall not exceed the amount of the Development Fee derived by Company under this The Developer shall deliver an invoice every 30 days which details all hours and additional costs that the Client is responsible for. AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, RELATING TO THIS AGREEMENT, PERFORMANCE OR INABILITY Company's total liability under this until seven (7) days after the last Coordination Step as set forth in the applicable Order, which Termination. modified or amended except in writing signed by the Parties hereto and specifically referring to this Any and all modifications are expected to be completed within [Number.Days] business days of developers’ acknowledgment depending on level of repair or maintenance request. This website development services agreement is intended as a legally binding agreement between [Sender.Name] (Developer) and [Client.Name] (Client), collectively known as the “Parties”.

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