Abode offers one of the better choices for those looking to link other smart-home devices to their security system. You can easily change your monitoring plans using the abode app.GearBrain. Abode has two all-in-one home security kits: its smart security system and now, the iota home security system. It worked each time, flawlessly. Please refresh the page and try again. The Iota has a motion sensor, a two-way microphone and a 1080p camera bundled inside it, with the camera being the marquee reason you'd choose the Iota over the cheaper Abode Essentials Kit. We found this bit helpful, particularly during the setup process, as we connected multiple devices to our system. That’s the basics of a single-room security system. It only has live video, alerts from push notifications, no CUE automations or geofence capabilities but you can arm and disarm the system plus self-monitoring through the Abode app. Remember Abode works with any Z-Wave or Zigbee device, like Yale Z-Wave smart locks or Hue smart lights. You can also run third-party smart connected devices as well, but need to make sure they're first connected to your Abode system. Like its Abode Essentials Starter Kit, the Iota comes with everything you need to watch over your house and automate it. If you're looking for video storage for 30 days, you'll tend to pay extra, depending on the number of security cameras you have in your system. Get the Abode Iota if you're looking for a DIY home security kit with a built-in camera. We wish Abode would consider making this process simpler, and hope they'll address this in the future. In terms of monitoring your home when you are away, Abode excels. The company provides professional-grade home security with either 24/7 professional monitoring or on-demand monitoring — you choose what service you want to secure your home. The Iota offers the same three security modes by default — Standby, Home and Away — and like its predecessor, you have to go through Abode's web portal (rather than its mobile app) if you want to adjust many of the iota’s settings, including adjusting something as simple the volume of the Iota's piercing chirping sounds. Abode Iota review The Abode Iota includes a central hub with a built-in 1080HD camera, motion sensor, 93db siren and two-way voice. Although the Iota comes with a key chain remote, I barely used it. The iota hub is also very nice looking, meaning it can work well in any space in your home from a kitchen counter, to a bookshelf or coffee table. Tom's Guide is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. The countdown chirps, in particular, were too much for me after a few days; I much prefer a musical alert like on the Nest Secure or Ring Alarm. If you're looking for an easy-to-use, all-in-one smart security solution for your home, consider the Abode Iota, but only if you don't mind its camera limitations. Optional on-demand professional monitoring starts at $8 for three days, and is also $15 for seven days. Buying them from Abode's site means you can make sure they'll work with its system. Abode has a number of plans, at pretty reasonable and flexible rates. Read our review to determine if it’s the right home security system for you. Now called Cue, you can use this home-automation feature to set up schemes based on specific conditions. abode iota hub functions as a wireless hub and HD camera with two way audioGearBrain. One tip: When pairing the new iota hub to your home Wi-Fi, don't place the hub next to the router. Though I had missed a call for a tripped alarm, I was able to call back the agent at the number they called from to inform them that everything was fine at home. You can also create formulas directly from the mobile app, though only for devices paired  through the Iota. For example, you can choose to perform an action at a particular time of day, including sunrise and sunset, and have it extend to multiple devices at a time. Abode hasn't changed the core experience of its system since we tested its other DIY home security kit last year. That's how we tested iota as well. There's even a section on its site where you can submit information about your space — including your property type, square footage, plus the number of doorways and windows — and Abode will respond, to help you build your system. Overall, we think Abode's iota security kit is ideal for those looking for a DIY installed and monitored home security system. Get instant access to breaking news, the hottest reviews, great deals and helpful tips. The geofencing feature works for anyone invited into the Abode home group, as long as their phone is registered to their respective account. It connects to your home Wi-Fi network via a wireless connection, so you can position the hub anywhere in your house. The Abode Iota is smaller than its predecessor, and more stable standing on its own. MORE: Best Wireless (Wi-Fi) Home Security Cameras. Abode is one a leader in DIY-installed home security systems. You should also be aware that Abode sells its own cameras: the Abode Cam and a Wide-Angle Motion camera. You can always change these plans, and there are options that are less expensive. There are two features of Abode's new hub that we particularly liked: that it's wireless and that it can function as an HD video camera with two-way audio. You can build rules that run devices in your home — from smart lights to connected thermostats — setting parameters based on the time of day (sunrise/sunset), the temperature and more all from inside the Abode app. To give you an idea on what you can do with CUE, here are some examples: Overall, we found setting these home routines through our smartphone very simple — but also common to other smart home systems. Program your outside lights to go on and off at sunset and sunrise, Turn your heat on when you're close to home during winter months through CUE's geo-location interface, Automatically lock doors when you turn your alarm on in your home, Set your lights to go on when you unlock your door at night, or when the garage door opens, Dual functioning hub – wireless controller and HD Camera, Flexible professional monitoring plans to choose, Good smart home integrations – up to 160 devices can be paired, Cumbersome to pair with existing devices for current Abode customers, The MSRP price is expensive if there isn't a current deal, You need to make sure you don't place the hub too close to your Wi-Fi router, Connect up to 160 security and home automation devices, Built-in HD (1080p) streaming video camera with two-way voice, 4G/LTE cellular backup (optional monthly fee applies), iOS 8.1 or newer with iPhone 4s or newer, iPad mini or newer, iPad3 or newer, iPod Touch (5, Android 4.4 or newer with Bluetooth low energy technology.

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